Happy Mother’s Day!

So my boyfriend found an array of extracts and picked me up several different flavors. After a 2 week hiatus from baking due to being sick, I knew I had to get a batch for Mother’s Day. It was also coincidentally a friend’s birthday so 2 birds/1 stone.


I wanted to make something with the rum extract. Initially it was supposed to be rum chocolate ganache with peanut butter, but with my array of new flavors I decided to throw in some hazelnut and made a hazelnut rum bittersweet chocolate ganache.


I’m quite sad that this is the only pic I have of the macarons as it was an extremely busy weekend. Maybe I’ll stop by my mom’s and nab another pic if she hasn’t eaten all of them yet. This was also my first successful attempt at a chocolate ganache.

I was overall very pleased with the outcome of the flavors. I will definitely be making more ganaches in the future. Hope everyone had a fantastic Mother’s Day!