Durian Macarons

I promised my mom that I’d make her durian flavored macarons once I perfected the cookie.  So naturally, this weekend was dedicated to durian.

If you don’t know what durian is, it is not for the faint of heart.  It is nicknamed the king of fruit, with a hard, spiky rind.  It bears a pungent and potent scent, and its taste is incomparable to anything you’ve ever had.  Its texture is soft, almost yogurt or butter like.

I’d been saving some fresh ones in my freezer for this endeavor, but fearing that I wouldn’t have enough, I ran out to the store and purchased some pre-packaged ones as well.


I’m actually still fiddling with oven temperatures this week.  Although last week seemed perfect, this week the cookies browned too fast.  I’m sure the coloring I used had a huge affect on it, but someday I’ll figure it out.  My cookies were still (almost) perfect though, feet and no hollows.


Quite delicious if you’re a durian lover.  My brother loved them.  My boyfriend, having never even seen durian, did not.  I’m just happy to not have hollow cookies anymore.

On an unrelated note, we made king crab eggs Benedict for breakfast and it was pretty amazing.  I kinda love poaching eggs now, I think I just enjoy seeing a perfect yolk when I cut into it.  We served it on top of fresh baked biscuits.


Time to figure out what flavor macarons to bake next weekend!


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